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Bible and Science

Dr. Roger Liebi


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Comparing the Bible with Science, one has to conclude that in many of its statements the Bible was far ahead of the research at the time it was written. For example, it took thousands of years to confirm the following biblical statements as being scientifically accurate:

- The earth hangs over nothing.

- The stars are innumerable.

- The hare chews the cud.

- The embryo exists as an unformed mass in the early stage.

- The air has weight.


This booklet gives approx. 30 examples, in which the Bible was far ahead of science.


The author Dr. Roger Liebi, born in 1958, married with six children,

studied music, languages of the Biblical world (Greek, Classical and

Modern Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian), and theology. He works as a

lecturer and Bible teacher in various countries. Numerous publications

have arisen from his years-long dealing with the Holy Scriptures and

related fields. To date, he has cooperated within the framework of three

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