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Are we really living in the Last Days

Dr. Roger Liebi


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The Biblical term “End Times” does not involve the end of the world. Rather, what is meant by “End Times” is the end of the long period between the First and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible the “End Times” will essentially be characterized by the Jews’ return from the worldwide Diaspora to the Land of their Forefathers (1882 until the present) and by the new founding of the State of Israel (1948), after a long period of interruption. In this book the author deals with more than 175 Biblical prophecies which all refer to the “End Times.”

These predictions have been demonstrably fulfilled in our era of world history: from 1882 until the present.

From this clear proof can be provided that we are actually living in the “End Times” and Jesus Christ will soon come as King and Judge of the world!

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